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Pulmac enables the transformation of pulp and paper mills into Industry 4.0 operations.

Pulmac launches its new industry-leading Mind Your Own Fiber Program. Learn more.

Industry 4.0 Modern Factory: Female Facility Operator Controls Workshop Production Line, Uses Computer with Screens Showing Complex UI of Machine Operation Processes, Controllers, Machinery Blueprints
Transforming information into powerful insights.

Automation Solutions

Automation is possible with good measurement practices supported by strong data analytics. The generated information can be then transformed into powerful predictive insight. Our unique online measurements and automation experience help you get there.

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Quality data to aid in decision-making.

DataSolve Solution

For more than 50 years, we have been providing the pulp and paper industry with solutions to provide measurement and data to aid with decision-making. Now we offer DataSolve TM to augment your analytics needs, pairing our unique expertise with the collaborative and empowering application of Seeq®.

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Manager or Industrial engineer working and control robotic with industry factory and network connection automation robot arm by tablet. AI, Artificial intelligence.
Productivity through quality data acquisition.

Equipment and Sensors

Providing the equipment that has made Pulmac a fixture in the Pulp & Paper Industry, we continue to offer and to promote modern tools to aid operations.

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Our Mission

To provide pulp and papermakers across the globe with modern tools delivering actionable information for decision-making and maximizing resource yield for a more sustainable industry.

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