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Our DataSolve™ Solution

With a monthly subscription, you have access to a team of data analysts with deep papermaking expertise and the analytical tools necessary to frame any production problem you face.

Better Visibility, For Better Decision-Making

The volume and quality of data continue to grow.  With the myriad of ways it is collected and stored, there can become inherent challenges to working with the data.

Traditional methods require an oftentimes overlooked, or not well understood, time requirement moving between platforms just to assemble, to align, and to cleanse data before any analytics are even begun.  This can become a distraction and frustrating exercise for engineers with their other responsibilities.

On top of this challenge in today’s fast-paced manufacturing environment, developing meaningful and insightful analyses requires not only time; but knowledgeable personnel and SME’s to understand the nuances; and yet most facilities do not have the bandwidth to address their analytical needs in a timely manner.  Often, reactive approaches are implemented after an event has occurred rather than being current or able to be proactive.  This is why Pulmac has introduced DataSolve™.

A toilet paper making machine, producing toilet and bathroom paper rolls due to Corona virus panic buying.  Paper and tissue manufacturers factory and engineered machinery.

Extend your analytical capabilities

Pulmac is now offering facilities the opportunity to leverage our long history and unique expertise in Pulp & Paper to expand their analytical resources while enabling dedicated mill personnel to focus on the day-to-day operational and business needs. You remain in control while we provide the bandwidth and Industry 4.0 approaches that can:

  • Leverage your team with Pulmac’s resources working with you
  • Work collaboratively within Seeq® to develop process insights and knowledge sharing
  • Reduce variability in critical processes
  • Improve the speed in troubleshooting and corrective action
  • Increase performance with higher productivity and lower costs
  • Enable other Industry 4.0 Automation Solutions
  • Subscription model pricing to encourage use of service

We are here to provide flexibility when you need it, as well as the linkages to analytical efforts to promote continuity.

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How it Works

DataSolve can work with your data in two ways

  1. With a simple application installed on your historian to allow remote viewing of requested data that is indexed, so nothing is ever moved, copied, or modified.
  2. Providing us with data extracts, we will use our application to bring everything together.

From either approach, we work collaboratively with personnel to facilitate discussions and investigations while performing the analytics and providing the results.

If you would like more information, contact our team, and we will be happy to schedule a meeting to discuss further and demo the service.

Download The Brochure
Seeq Partner White from Pulmac

Pulmac has elected to utilize the Seeq application for DataSolve because it addresses many of the needs of Industry 4.0 while also empowering personnel quickly to investigate, iterate on, share and act/decide on insights to drive improved production and business outcomes.