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Manual Z-Span Tester™

Z Span Tester from Pulmac


The Z-Span™ manual bench-top tester measures zero span and short span tensile strength with individually loaded handsheet or machine-made paper samples. The Z-Span™ Tester generates individual tensile readings from prepared test strips. The Dial-a-Gap attachment facilitates testing at multiple spans from 0.0 mm to 0.6 mm. The Wet Testing Kit supports sample preparation and testing of re-wet test strips. New features include: Data sent by serial port to data logging software, LCD touchscreen control panel and a service mode.


Zero span tensile testing remains the benchmark for measuring Fiber Strength. The Z-Span™ Tester conforms to all national and international test methods. This classic tester has been enhanced with new features to make data output more accurate and operation simpler and trouble free.

Bottom-line: Increased accuracy for a classic test.

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System Features

  • Once loaded, will perform individual zero span and/or short span tensile tests
  • Numbers generated are sensitive to changes in Fiber Strength, Length and Bonding (FS-L-B)

Hardware Features

  • Rugged construction
  • Dial-A-Gap
  • Wet sample kit
  • Jaw and anvil inserts precision-machined from hardened & rust-resistant alloy
  • Operation and maintenance tool kit
  • Operator manual
  • LCD touch screen control panel
  • Service mode includes separate control of load, clamp, and test. Also senses pressure before and after load regulator
  • Measures peak load at break
  • Each test is displayed on the screen and can be sent via serial port to data logging software on any networked PC


Weight – 120 lb
Height – 26 in
Width – 26 in
Depth – 24 in

Weight – 60 lb
Height – 17 in
Width – 15 in
Depth – 20 in


Weight – 54 kg
Height – 660 mm
Width – 660 mm
Depth – 610 mm

Weight – 27 kg
Height – 430 mm
Width – 380 mm
Depth –510 mm


  • 110 psi of instrument quality air
  • 120V, 60Hz, 5 Amp electrical service


  • 7.5 Bar of instrument quality air
  • 120 V, 50/60 Hz, 5 Amp electrical service