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PulpEye®Online Measurement


cropped pulpeye 3 from PulmacPulmac represents PulpEye in the United States only, click here for all other locations.


PulpEye is a world-leading modular analysis system developed for the pulp and paper industry.  It is a robust and flexible system combining base functions with cutting-edge technology and minimum service needs.  PulpEye covers both crucial parameters in the fiber line as well as in the recovery cycle.

The PulpEye system consists of a cabinet with space for three analyzer modules measuring pulp quality parameters online from one or more sampling positions. Based on customer-specific needs, modules are combined and connected in a system providing analysis data and control of any specific fiber property. When needed, additional cabinets are added for more modules.

PulpEye currently offers modules with the ability to measure:

  • Fiber Dimensions
  • Freeness
  • Dirt
  • Shives
  • Consistency
  • Vessel Cells
  • Crill
  • Brightness
  • Kappa
  • Fiber Wall Thickness
  • pH


  • Quick results
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Easy to reach data.
  • Low maintenance – few moving parts, chemical cleaning is standard
  • Flexible and robust construction.
  • PulpEye handles online pulp samples from many positions as well as manual samples, i.e. no need for laboratory analyzers.
  • No heating costs.
  • Allows up to 230-meter long sampling pipes.
  • Easy to add more analyzer modules.
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  • Uniquely measures Crill
  • Over 75+ successful installations globally
  • A single unit can support multiple sample points.
  • Accessories available for manual testing
  • Accessories available for automatically collecting samples for laboratory analysis
  • Samplers and additional components are available to enable installation in many mill locations
  • Add-ons available to predict final pulp quality

As this is a modular system, please contact us to size the system for your needs.

PulpMill from Pulmac
StockPreparation from Pulmac

Once the PulpEye installation is approved, there is a one-year guarantee period during which the service is free of charge. Thereafter, service agreements are designed to promote long-life and reliable performance.

Our philosophy is to have as few moving parts as possible in our modules as well as to use standard components whenever possible. This contributes to less risk for breakdowns, less need for maintenance, and faster service with spare parts.

PulpEye technicians are available globally to support customers; and the training of customer technicians can take place either at the facility or at centrally organized training sessions. Training onsite is a cost-efficient way when combined with start-up of equipment or service visits which allows for customer adopted education.

Please contact us for more information regarding our service plans, training opportunities, or spare parts.