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Pulmac – Your Partner for Production Performance

Why are we suggesting that papermakers would benefit from a partner for production performance?

In North America, growth has stabilized at about 2% per year, a sign of a mature market. Sure, there are pockets of growth like replacing plastic packaging and the repatriation of American manufacturing fostered by Federal Government incentives; these plants will need to be supplied, and many of these supplies will need to be packaged. But over the medium to long term, growth is expected to remain at around 2%. The sustainability imperative is also a factor, but this is causing a shift in the composition of the paper products, not necessarily in their quantity. Can more revenue be extracted from sustainable packaging? In our view, no – it’s a “must do” that paper companies must respond to if they want to compete. So, all this leads us to one conclusion – better productivity.

Digitalization of processes is the answer to better productivity. In the production processes, where Pulmac specializes, automation and artificial intelligence are the answer. Automation optimizes your production processes, and then AI further optimizes them. But you can’t use AI in manufacturing unless the processes are optimized. You need sensors, data, analytic tools, control algorithms, and subject matter expertise to automate processes. Pulmac has unique expertise in the effect that fiber characteristics have on the variability of the final product at the reel. Just like cybersecurity, this is a highly specialized science best performed by a specialist. The new Pulmac, which we call Pulmac 2.0, has developed that specialty and is ready to partner with paper mills to increase your productivity vastly. Higher productivity increases your market share and your company’s value.

We appreciate that capital for productivity projects can be scarce. We’ve structured our solutions to be paid from capital or operating funds.

Contact our team to talk about how we can embark on this journey together as partners in production performance.

Bob White, Pulmac CEO