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Auto Z-Span Tester™

Z Span Tester 1 768x741 1 from Pulmac


The Pulmac Automated Z-Span™ Tester offers an automated zero span and short span testing capability. Once the sample handsheets or strip are loaded onto the feed tray, 24 wet/dry, zero/short span tests are executed during a five-minute testing sequence. Following termination of the testing sequence, test results are displayed on the operator interface terminal and, via serial port connection, can automatically update a local PC-based Excel database. The Automated Z-Span™ Tester is calibrated and control software is loaded as part of in-factory system integration.


The Pulmac Automated Z-Span™ Tester can effectively define pulp fiber strength. With systematic sampling and testing, fiber quality numbers generated by the Z-Span™ Tester will alert mill monitors to creeping process changes before pulp quality deteriorates beyond acceptable limits. Automated Z-Span™ testing will tell you what you need to know, when you need to know it, in order to keep your production running smoothly and your customers happy. Direct improvements to your productivity can include reducing downgraded pulp, penalty payments, and warehousing costs, all the while improving communication links with pulp users.

This automated, bench-top zero-span tester is delivered to the customer factory-calibrated and ready-to-go after a very quick unpacking and re-assembly procedure. Its simple menu-driven touch-screen operator interface allows the rapid, precise, and repeatable generation of key Pulmac fiber quality numbers.

Bottom-line: Increased profitability through troubleshooting, optimization and monitoring.

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  • Once loaded the Automated Z-Span™ Tester will perform 24 wet/dry zero span and/or short span tests and automatically compile the results on a local flash drive
  • With an operator prompt, the system can automatically update a PC Excel database
  • Pulmac fiber quality numbers are sensitive to changes in fiber strength, length, and bonding potential (FS, L, B) and for machine-made paper, fiber alignment

Software Features

  • Password-protected system manager access to set-up menus
  • Data can be exported to a PC Excel database via serial port
  • Custom data dictionary
  • Custom rogue data reject setting

Hardware Features

  • Rugged construction – two-year limited warranty
  • Clamping surfaces are manufactured from rustproof, superhard (+65 Rockwell), machine tool material
  • Electronic operator interface
  • Operator and maintenance tool kits


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Weight – 225 lb
Height – 26 in
Width – 24 in
Depth – 36 in


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Weight – 105 kg
Height – 660 mm
Width – 610 mm
Depth – 915mm


  • 2 CFM, 125 psi Instrument quality air
  • 1/4” slip fitting for air supply
  • 120V, 60Hz, 5 Amp


  • 35 lpm, 8.5 Bar Instrument quality air
  • 8mm slip fitting for air supply
  • 240V, 50Hz, 2.5 Amp