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ABCs of Project Management Within Mills + Bonus Spending Curve Template

Author: David Zerr, VP of R&D, Pulmac Systems

Event: TAPPICON 2022

This presentation draws on my experience to walk thru some of the fundamentals of project management along with understanding and calculating back-of-the-envelope economics (e.g., IRR) on a project. It will get into the use of multipliers to calculate Total Installed Costs along with practical tips on applying these estimation tools depending on the area (Pulping, PM, Converting, etc.) and complexity along with a typical cost for engineering.

I will also offer to send an Excel spreadsheet template to those that attend that quickly calculates a Spending Curve for Capital projects. As with all tools, this comes with caveats. The critical point is that while your project may get installed in, say, 12 months, the spending will typically extend another ~30% to 50% longer before the project is closed out.

Download The Presentation