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StickyScan 200E™

stickyscan200 resized 768x615 2 from Pulmac


The StickyScan 200E™ is designed to be an accessory to the Pulmac MasterScreen™ to generate measurements of stickies. The Pulmac MasterScreen™ will deposit concentrated contaminants onto a 22 cm diameter filter paper. These contaminants can be transformed to stickies measurement using several test methods including: Laminator, TAPPI, and INGEDE.


The StickyScan 200E™ will generate simple and effective stickies data for feedback to production operators for monitoring, troubleshooting and optimization efforts. The StickyScan 200E™ is easy to set up, easy for operator training and simple to interpret data.

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  • Enter location: The dropdown box allows a location to be selected from a list or entered with a keyboard
  • Enter Description: Dropdown box allows the selection of descriptions from a list or entered with a keyboard
  • Enter Time/Date: Enter with keyboard or use Default of current time/date
  • Enter sample size: Enter with keyboard or use the default of 1000 g. (data is normalized to 1 kg)


  • Current test data of “Count”, “Total Area”, “Mean Area”, “PPM” is prominently displayed
  • An image of current scan is displayed
  • The last 11 test results are displayed. The entire history is available using navigation buttons
  • Summary and distribution data are automatically copied to supplied USB Flash Drive


  • Verify calibration using supplied reference


  • PC Box, LCD Monitor, Scanner, USB Flash Drive
  • Preinstalled operating and application software
  • Reference sheet


Weight – 110 lb
Height – 29 in
Width – 33 in
Depth – 24 in

Weight – 65 lb
Height – 24 in
Width – 28 in
Depth – 15 in


Weight – 50 kg
Height – 740 mm
Width – 840 mm
Depth – 610 mm

Weight – 30 kg
Height – 610 mm
Width – 710 mm
Depth – 380 mm

  • Electricity 120/240V 50/60Hz
  • Minimal dust environment