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Heated Press

heated press


The Heated Press conforms to TAPPI/ISO specifications for setting stickies into black filter paper.

The Heated Press is a 12 ton press with heated platens. Manual, four-column hydraulic press. Four-post construction assures parallelism over 12” x 12” surface. Easy-to-read dual scale gauge is calibrated in pounds and metric tons. Has electrically heated platens for temperatures to 650°F with digital controller for each platen.

This configuration meets all specification of applicable standards.


Rugged design with little maintenance requirement.

Bottom-line: Increased profitability through troubleshooting, optimization and monitoring.

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  • Digital temperature controller
  • Adjustable temperature with LED display for each platen
  • Hardware Features:
  • Rugged construction
  • Digital temperature controller
  • Easy to read dual pressure gauge
  • Stainless steel, bronze, and aluminum construction
  • 12” x 12” platen surface
  • Compression pressure up to 12 tons
  • Adjustable drying temperature up to 650°F
  • Ram Stroke is 5.1”
  • Separate heat and press functions
  • ISO 5269/2 and NBR 14380/99
  • INGEDE Method 4 99-12 Analysis of Macro Stickies in Deinked Pulp (DIP)
  • ISO 15360 – 2:2001 Recycled Pulps – Estimation of Stickies and Plastics image analysis method
  • TAPPI T 277 pm-99 Macro Stickies Content in Pulp: The “Pick-Up” Method
  • 220 VCA single phaseDimensions: 29” (w) x 27” (d) x 39” (h)
  • Weight: 770 lbs