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Pamela Cowan

Chief Strategy Officer

Pamela Cowan’s key focus as Chief Strategy Officer is to ensure that Pulmac’s customers, existing and new, value their dealings with the Company as a highly productive and rewarding experience. Whether introducing new products or explaining how an existing product will add value to their activities, Pamela’s goal is to attract, develop and sustain strong customer relationships. Pamela’s other functions include managing Pulmac’s finances and administrative systems.

Pamela has assisted the company throughout her career first as a student, and then in various capacities and at various intervals since 1993. She joined the Company as Chief Financial Officer in 2015 after working as a consultant for two years to put in the financial structures to support its expansion into new products and services.

A business graduate from the University of Vermont with broad experience in business strategy, financial structures, operational accounting, and corporate controls, Pamela has assisted privately held businesses to realize their growth objectives and maintain high standards in their financial reporting. She has worked with the entrepreneurial community of Vermont, acting as a mentor to start-up businesses, serving as a contract CFO, and working with State officials and business leaders to strengthen the infrastructure that supports innovative and early-stage businesses.

In addition to her work at Pulmac, Pamela was the founding Chair of TAPPI’s (Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry) Women in Industry Divison followed by a stint as Chair of TAPPI’s Management Divison. She is currently Chair of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee and is the Chair of the TAPPICon 2022 Steering Committee, TAPPI’s largest annual conference. In her home life, Pamela is the President of the Finney Crossing Homeowners Association, a development of 179 homes in Williston, VT, the community where she resides.