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Jay Stockard

Sr. Director, Product Development

Jay Stockard has an extensive background in Pulp & Paper with over 20 years of experience supporting operations and senior leadership objectives. His education and background with producers and affiliated industries have enabled him to become familiar with most products found in industry today along with an understanding of their technical aspects and challenges.

Jay began his engineering career in process and technical support roles focused on production and process optimization, product quality troubleshooting; and then steadily progressed into operations and leadership positions. His strong analytical skills have aided him in numerous technical and strategic endeavors including Process Improvement, Process Implementation, Financial and Operational Modelling, Financial Analysis, Due Diligence, and Strategic Investment assignments.

Joining Pulmac as Sr. Director of Product Development, Jay will be using his consulting and analytics expertise to support service offerings aiding customers in their initiatives to derive insight from their data so they can leverage their strongest resource, their people